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Run your health practice with Trioova’s all-in-one Virtual Clinic

Are you, or have you considered bringing Virtual Health into your Nutrition practice?

Trioova is bringing the business of healthcare online

Trioova is an all-in-one Virtual Clinic designed to bring the business of healthcare online. With our online and mobile app, be verified and visible on our marketplace, accept online payments, accept in-person and video appointment requests, engage clients with messaging on the go, file sharing, offer your services virtually over live telehealth video and grow your referral network with other health professionals all-in-one place!

Our system remits earnings weekly and we operate on a continuous value delivery model with community feedback
As a verified Trioova provider, you can extend your current service offering to your existing clients beyond brick and mortar traditional healthcare by giving them the Trioova app at no cost to them. With our mobile and online app, you can innovate your practice.

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