Recruiteze Product Roadmap

These are features requested by our users. Once a request is completed, it will not display in the list. If you would like to request a feature. Please login to the app and submit the request.
Feature Category
Ability to edit captions for default form fields Career Portal
Close and recreate a task for a follow up or later date. Task
Ability to see job boards to which the jobs are distributed in the job publishing modal. Job
Ability to select job boards to publish jobs to, instead of all job boards. Job
Ability to tag contacts. Tag
Ability to tag hiring managers. Tag
Ability to search all candidates, contacts and hiring managers by tag, in a universal search. Tag
Ability to search job by job description, when copying a job. Job
Ability to set selection or rejection criteria, while designing custom application forms with the form designer. Form
Ability to create personalized rejection emails, that can be attached to forms. If the applicant does not meet criteria. Email
Ability to create job specific application acknowledgement emails, that can be associated with a job. Email
Ability to set the from email address, in the application acknowledgement email. Career Portal
Find a better job description editor. There is issues with the editor, with bullets. Job
Ability to view all documents in a viewer, including the documents in the viewer. Document
Replace the notes box with an editor, to allow for rich text. Other
Display the number of days the job has been open, in the my jobs list. Job
Allow ability to add notes for jobs. Job
Add ability to attach documents for jobs. For Eg: We could attach the job req that came from the client or hiring manager as a reference. Job
Search jobs by job title in job requistions list. Job
Search jobs by job title in my jobs list. Job
Ability to print tasks, along with details of candidate, contact or hiring manager. Task
Ability to contact everyone associated with a tag. Including contacts, candidates and hiring managers. Tag
Ability to auto-reject candidate with a custom email template. If the application completed by candidate does not meet criteria. This should work with the forms feature, to be able to set the criteria. Candidate
Ability to add custom fields to candidate. Candidate
Ability to add custom fields to contact. Contact
Ability to add custom fields to hiring managers. Hiring Manager
Ability to give permission for viewing specific job Type CV to specific user Activity
Be able to post a job without a specific location, or be able to say "remote work in the US" Job
Ability to send SMS text messages to candidates, contacts, and hiring managers. Other
Send a task digest every morning to remind tasks for the day. Task
Ability to see candidate work status from the Candidate List (all candidates). Candidate
Ability to search resumes by Boolean key word search criteria Activity
Ability to search candidates by zip code radius Candidate